Core Strengths

Globe Security is having advantage of:

  • Vast Experience
  • Reliability
  • Proffessional Approach

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization the efficiency and quality of our services are therefore assured and so is your security.

Advantages with Globe Group

✅ Professional & trained Security at affordable rate thereby giving you value for money.

✅ Flexible budget option by offering tailor made quotation as per your service level expectation and the budget you wish to spend on security.

✅ Modern outlook, vibrant, innovative, tech-savvy and trust worthy company.

✅ No association with any labour union or political party.

✅ Stringent measures for recruitment are implemented.

✅ Globe Security Guards are well trained, neatly turned out in smart uniforms and strictly supervised; since appearances count.

✅ Wages are paid to Security Guards on the 10th of every month through direct transfer into their accounts; as all Security personnel’s salary account is opened upon joining

✅ No unwarranted deductions from the wages of the guards, who when satisfied and happy will perform to their fullest potential.

✅ Globe Security undertakes Total statutory compliances to safeguard your interest.

✅ Additional Manpower is arranged at short notice.

✅ Regular onsite training and refresher courses to adapt to day to day changes.

✅ Regular interaction by our senior operation personnel at different levels with the client for proper feedback and necessary action.

✅ Day and night patrolling.

✅ Immediate replacements for non-performance.

✅ Rotation of Security personnel as required by you.

✅ Transparent and Professional approach in every aspect of our work.

✅ Taking necessary measures to safeguard your interest at all times.

Further, by partnering with GLOBE SECURITY your organization would be privy to many tangible and intangible benefits viz.:

Your organization shall save a great deal of ordeal and quality time of human resources at micro levels, by avoiding tedious procedures of selection, vetting and finalization of local security vendors. Thereby also mitigating hidden risks of corruption, favouritism and unethical purchasing at local levels. Throughout the world today, majority of the CEO and corporate business heads are decentralizing all business functions except, security and intelligence because they know that security is an extremely sensitive & valuable tool and one of the last resorts when all things fail.

Your organization shall always be assured of 100% qualitative services throughout the tenure of the contract at all facilities.

Your organization shall be eligible to utilize all other specialized services of GLOBE GROUP at discounted prices. Whether it’s a commercial/personnel investigation in India/abroad or requirement of special security services for short-term assignments or assistance during duress situations or installation of hi-tech security systems, we are just a phone’s call away. Besides, on joining our GLOBE GROUP family, you shall be entitled to free consultancy and support through out India, from time to time.

Your organization will be able to identify and track any vulnerabilities/breach in any of the facilities without raising their brows with GLOBE GROUP on their side. Now obtaining information about any internal employee or conducting a discreet enquiry against a third party/firm or enforcing a strict system during critical times, is extremely simple. With this partnership in place, leakage of sensitive information to third party investigators or security companies is eradicated. Besides, with GLOBE GROUP by your side, you can be rest assured of integrity; business ethics and a professional work culture- that’s what GLOBE GROUP is well known for.